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Just got engaged, where do I start?

First thing, CONGRATS! Once you have savored the joy of the engagement and are ready to start planning for the big day, we recommend to start thinking of the following:

1. Budget – We know it seems really hard to decide a budget but trust me it is crucial! You do not want to have to pay for your wedding for the next 10 years. Knowing what price bracket you are your fiancée is comfortable spending is the perfect first step.

2. Must haves – Some people have been thinking about this big day for a very long time and have planned it down to every details. Making a list of the must haves will help with tracking and ensuring you have that big day you always dreamed of.

3.  Type of Wedding – Are you looking for a more traditional wedding with friends, family and extended family or are you looking for a micro wedding which will be very intimate.  

The rest will built from those three elements. 

If you need any help with your planning from small detail to big elements, we are here to assist you!


What Do I Need to Know About Venue Contracts?

There can be a lot of fine print in most contracts and wedding venue contracts are no exception. Some keys points to look for:

– Make sure you know how much time you have to set up and when you need to be all packed up by.

– Are there any additional charges like a coat check, valet parking or restroom attendants?

– Are there any exclusive vendors you must use, and if so what’s their pricing?

– Also, always ask if gratuity is expected and how much. Sometimes the service charge is not given to the servers as gratuity. This is often overlooked by clients and should be considered in their budget.

Do We Have to Do Favors?

Absolutely not! Wedding are about the couple and the celebration around it, sharing the moment with your loved ones. However, if you decide to do favors, most people are pretty big fans of something edible.

Can your service packages be customized?

Absolutely! We understand that every couple may have different needs and are here to assist in any way we can. If you send us an email explaining what you are looking for or just want to chat because you are still trying to figure things out, don’t hesitate! 

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